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Microsoft Virtual PC and Fedora Core 6

Have you ever wanted to create a virtual image of Linux on Microsoft’s Virtual PC, but got stuck with a strange looking video display. After digging and digging around on the net I finally found an answer. The issue is that the driver that comes with Virtual PC can’t handle 24 bit video resolution, which is the default for Fedora Core 6. I also noticed that it’s best to install FC in text mode when creating a virtual image.After you install FC from text mode you are presented with a window that looks like this. Because you installed Fedora in text mode you are now operating FC in text mode and not GUI.

In order to get the GUI part of Fedora to work you need to boot your FC virtual machine using the FC rescue CD. This is required to change the xorg.conf file. You can download the ISO of the CD here.1. Start your newly created FC virtual PC.

2. Capture the ISO you just downloaded so that you are now booting from the CD ISO. You can do this by going to CD Capture ISO Image.. from the Virtual PC’s pull down menu options.

3. Go through the prompts. At the end you will need to navigate to xorg.conf. Type the following line. This is case sensitive.
cd /mnt/sysimage/etc/X11

4. Now you need to edit xorg.conf using pico or vi as your text editor. Type the following line.
pico xorg.conf

5. Once the file is open change the value for DefaultDepth from 24 to 16.

6. You can now release the CD Image that you did in step 2.

7. Save Close and reboot

Let me know if you have any questions.



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