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How to chain patches into MS Office 2003

Have you ever needed to chain service packs or patches into Microsoft
Office 2003? I’m sure that anyone who has deployed Office 2003
products before has needed to do this.
There are two ways. The first one is you can create an administrative
install image using setup.exe /a. This will take all the installation
files and extract them to either your local disk or a server share
somewhere. Once that is complete you can “slipstream” the service
packs and hotfixes right into the MSI installer.

Slipstream example:
http://www.petri.co.il/office_system_2003_sp_slipstreaming.htmThe second way is if you want to use Local Installation Source. You
cannot go the administrative image route using slipstream technology.

You have to copy the entire contents of the CD to your local hard
drive or preferably to a central server share. LIS is used if your
Office installation needs to heal itself or install features that you
didn’t initially install. In the case that Office needs to do some
repairs or installs it would use a locally cached copy and heal from
that location rather than going over the network.
LIS is the preferred method for deploying in a large organization. In
this case when you deploy the product you want it to be updated with
all the latest fixes. To do this you can follow Microsoft’s




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