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All About The Windows Vista Kernel

This artcle on Microsoft’s website explains everything about the new Windows Vista kernel. http://www.microsoft.com/technet/technetmag/issues/2007/02/VistaKernel

Getting Adminpak.msi To Function on Vista

After you install Windows 2003 Adminpak.msi SP1 on a Vista RTM machine you get a failed snap-in message box when you try to open an mmc snap-in tool. To resolve this you need to create a simple bat file that registers a number of dll files. It’s very easy and works. I was curious on … Continue reading

Generating A New SID For A Virtual Domain

Recently I built a virtual domain environment and ran across a small issue. My plan was to build two seperate servers. The first server I built was an AD domain controller and the other my SMS server. I ran across an issue when I copied the first vhd file over too a new location and … Continue reading

Minimize Outlook To Your System Tray

This is a cool little registry hack. Simply add the registry setting noted at the bottom and the next time you minimize Outlook it will be stored nicely in your system tray next to your clock. Now you can leave Outlook open all day rather than wasting room in your task bar. The easiest way … Continue reading

Free Office Live Domain Name

Do you want to start a free website as well as get a free domain name and 25 email accounts? Microsoft is now offereing free domain registration when you sign up for Office Live Basic. I was able to get desktopfeedbag.com as for a domain which was cool. I built my template in about 5 … Continue reading

A Look At Windows Home Server

This looks like something I would try pending the cost. You basically setup a server in your house without a keyboard or monitor and tuck it away in a closet. All you need is an ethernet connection. This will be your central location for storing all your data and media. Also you are able expand … Continue reading

Use Subinacl instead of Cacls/XCacls

In recent scripts that I have wrote I have noticed a signifcant bug in CACLs, the Windows tool for Access Control Lists or permissions. When using the command line below on a Windows XP Professional SP2 machine things appear to be fine. From a command line: cacls <target> /t /e /c /g BUILTIN\Users:F example: cacls … Continue reading

Extracting Icons

Have you ever wanted to use an icon in something or wanted to see all the icons associated to a dll or exe. This free tool is great for doing that. http://www.rw-designer.com/batch-icon-extractor