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SoftGrid OSD Editing Tool

No more editing SoftGrid OSD files in notepad anymore.  This new GUI tool will do all the hard work for you.

SoftGrid Resource

This is a good site (blog) created by the SoftGrid team.

SoftGrid: How Do I Sequence Applications?

So, after you have a SoftGrid environment setup and want to start virtualizing and streaming applications.  How do you do that?  Well it’s actually pretty easy.  Read these step-by-step instructions on how to do that.  Thanks to Anthony on his blog for putting this together.

Goodbye Vista, here comes Windows XP again

After I recently purchased my new Dell with Windows Vista Ultimate things worked right out of the box, but once I started really playing with the system and some of my programs that’s when the fun began. I got my first Blue Screen of Death on Vista in only 1 day which had to do with my … Continue reading

Desktop Feedbag Has Moved

I was successful in moving Desktop Feedbag to a new blog site and setup my sub-domain to point to the new location. All you have to do is go to blog.simplenets.com. I’m still moving most of the content over still, but I will now be posting at the new site.


I’m relocating my content from blogger.com to wordpress.com.  WordPress seems to have more to offer and there templates are a lot nicer looking.  So far wordpress.com is very easy to use.  I’m currently setting up domain mapping so I’m waiting for the DNS servers to be updated.  Desktop Feedbag will soon be using a sub domain … Continue reading

Moving the blog

I’m getting ready to relocate my blog to use my own domain address. I’m also going to be relocating all my content to wordpress.com. Please start using the following address. This will currently redirect you to desktopfeedbag.blogspot.com. When I move my content over to the new hosting site the same address below will then redirect … Continue reading