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Goodbye Vista, here comes Windows XP again

After I recently purchased my new Dell with Windows Vista Ultimate things worked right out of the box, but once I started really playing with the system and some of my programs that’s when the fun began.

I got my first Blue Screen of Death on Vista in only 1 day which had to do with my ATI drivers for my Radeon X1300 Pro.  I finally found out that this was a known issue.  Not sure why Dell didn’t know about it and shipped the incompatible driver.  Click here for a fix for that.  The Catalyst 7.3 drivers is what causes the issue.

If you’ve tried troubleshooting this and booted your system into ‘Safe Mode’ then you probably saw crcdisk.sys hang a bit, no worries.

Once that was fixed things appeared in working order, well until I installed my HP Photosmart D7360 printer.  Come to find out this printer driver has Vista issues as well.  Everything printed except the 4X6 Photo Tray.  Vista would not recognize it.  I finally sent HP an email and got a replay back stating that they are working on this is.

Vista is nice, just not ready for prime time yet.  I’ll wait until Service Pack 1 is released before I put Vista back on my PC.



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