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Desktopfeedbag.com Is LIVE!!

Finally, all the DNS records, CNAME stuff, and domain name registrar transfer is complete.  You can now type in desktopfeedbag.com in your browser and get to this blog.  I’ve also started playing around with the header graphics a bit.  You may see this change a few more times.  Thanks for reading!!

SoftGrid Sequencer attribute tagging editor

Summary: SeqTypes is a utility for modifying the information SoftGrid Sequencer uses by default to “tag” files with file-type attributes inside packages.Sequencer will read list of file-extensions and directories on startup and will utilize this information during SoftGrid packaging to assign SoftGrid -specific file-type attribute to each file. Files can be categorized to be either … Continue reading

Desktop Feedbag Getting Its Own Domain Name

In the next week you will be able to simply go to http://desktopfeedbag.com to get to this blog.  Recently I put this blog under my currently owned domain name simplenets.com, but decided to really get it’s own name.  Luckily a while back I signed up for a free domain name on the new Microsoft Office … Continue reading

Virtual TechEd is here

Visit the Virtual TechEd site.  Good online labs, RSS feeds, and documentation.

Integrating WinRE into Vista with BDD

Source  Windows Recovery Environment (Windows RE) is a recovery platform based on Windows Preinstallation Environment (Windows PE). Windows RE provides two main functionalities, Automatic diagnosis and repair of boot problems using a tool called Startup Repair and a centralized platform for advanced recovery tools. based on this functionality I think it makes a lot of … Continue reading

It’s Official

Codename Windows “Longhorn” has been given its offical name.   Are you ready for this?  Windows Server 2008.  Microsoft has already updated there site reflecting the new name.

A Cool Windows XP Trick: SHIFT F10

You may or may not know this little trick.  I just found this the other day and thought it was pretty cool and that I should share.   During a Windows XP installation you can hit Shift F10 and open up a command prompt window.  This only works during the GUI part of the install, not … Continue reading

VMware Workstation 6.0 Released

VMware workstation just released.  You can download here.  What’s new Source http://www.vmware.com New Features in Version 6 Support for High-Speed USB 2.0 Devices Multiple Monitor Support — At the click of a button, the guest can now span monitors and also reflect the monitor topology — meaning that applications, task bars, and so on inside … Continue reading

How To Upgrade SMS to Service Pack 3

This 20 minute blogcast (video) shows you step-by-step on how to upgrade SMS SP2 to SMS SP3.