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SoftGrid Sequencer attribute tagging editor


SeqTypes is a utility for modifying the information SoftGrid Sequencer uses by default to “tag” files with file-type attributes inside packages.Sequencer will read list of file-extensions and directories on startup and will utilize this information during SoftGrid packaging to assign SoftGrid -specific file-type attribute to each file. Files can be categorized to be either User or Application files, with both supporting two subtypes, Configuration and Data. Practical difference between Data and Configuration does not exist, but User/Application designation affects the way SoftGrid Client will branch-off those files inside package.SeqTypes utility can be used to edit this pre-defined list that Sequencer (and ultimately SoftGrid Client) utilizes by running SeqTypes directly on Sequencer machine before actually starting sequencing -process or by running utility on different machine and exporting .cmd -script that can then be run at Sequencer later on. Latter will come in handy if Sequencer-machine does not have .NET Framework 2.0 installed which is requirement by SeqTypes.Usage:

You can add and remove file-type extensions and directory-paths from four panels corresponding to different SoftGrid file-type attributes. When ready, either Commit changes directly to Sequencer’s registry or Export changes to command script (.cmd) file that can be later on executed on Sequencer machine. Command script utilizes reg.exe -tool that can be found default in Windows OSes. You can also Reset list to default state.

If operating on non-Sequencer machine, SeqTypes will present default values from 4.1 sequencer, but when operating on Sequencer -machine actual list from registry is used.

This tool is provided as freeware and as-is with no warranty. All rights reserved. Redistribution without prior written permission prohibited.


  • Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 (Redistributable Package)Download:Latest release: SeqTypes, version 1.0 – As MSI package this version cannot be run at Sequencer machine and hence supports only exporting of script. –>
  • SeqTypes, version 1.0 – As ZIP package
    (revision history)© 2007 Kalle Saunamäki (kalle.saunamaki@cdgeurope.fi)
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