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Apple and AT&T Release iPhone costs

For those of you interested in what an iPhone is going to cost per month.  Read below. http://www.computerworld.com/action/article.do?command=viewArticleBasic&articleId=9025753&source=rss_news10

Take A Virtual Exchange Lab

There is a lot of good information in these Microsoft Exchange labs.  I recommend taking a look at them if you are planning on upgrading to 2007.

What, No AdminPak For Vista

Yup, it’s looking that way.  Microsoft is recommending that you RDP into the server you want to manage.  You can read more here.

Windows 2003 SP2 and SoftGrid

A couple hours went by and could not figure out why I could not install the SoftGrid Management Console on a Windows 2003 Server SP2 machine.  Everything else would install just not the SoftGrid Management Console.  It wouldn’t even show up in the custom install features screen.  I did some researching online and found out that the … Continue reading

Vista and ATI still having issues

Well, I decided to throw Vista back on my home machine after reading on the AMD ATI site that the horrible blue screen issues have been resolved.  After Vista was installed I then downloaded the ATI Catalyst 7.5 installer from the ATI site.  After the installation was complete I noticed that my screen got a … Continue reading

Do You Really Want To Upgrade To MS SoftGrid SP1?

After reviewing some of the release notes it looks like there are all sorts of issues with SP1.  The only good thing it does is support public assemblies which is what Microsoft Office 2007 uses.  This functionality is in the SP1 for the sequencer. 

Virtualize Your Software For Free

Did you know you can use Altiris SVS for free at home.  This is cool if you have kids that want to install every game under the sun on your PC.  It’s also good because you can virtualize all your software and if you have to do a restore of your OS you can quickly … Continue reading

Download BDD 2007 1.1

Get the latest BDD 2007 1.1 here.  Don’t forget you also need to get and install WAIK.

Leaving For Tech Ed 2007 Tomorrow

I’m heading to Tech Ed 2007 tomorrow.  Hope to see you there.