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Software Virtualization

Virtualize Your Software For Free

Did you know you can use Altiris SVS for free at home.  This is cool if you have kids that want to install every game under the sun on your PC.  It’s also good because you can virtualize all your software and if you have to do a restore of your OS you can quickly get your software back up and running without having to go through the installs.  Get SVS here.   Also if you want to read more go the Juice site.  Now for your corporate folks this is a great tool instead of SoftGrid.  The reason being is that you don’t need that horrible SA license to use it.

 All you need to do is install the free tool with the Admin tools and run a capture on an installation of the software.  It will then automatically put that software in a virtualized enviornment.  I would recommend creating your software installs on a virtual machine before putting them on your real machine, they will stay a lot cleaner.



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