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SoftGrid: How to move the application content

Recently I had to move my SoftGrid data from the local physical test box to a production SAN environment.  It’s better that way.  Also using a DFS path rather than a hard coded path.  Doing this was actually a lot easier than I thought.  Here’s all I had to do.

 1.  Get SAN storage of course.  If you don’t have a SAN, no worries, you can still move the data just as easy following the instructions below.

2.  Make sure you have a shared directory setup with read access to all users that you want to use SoftGrid enabled applications.

3.  On the SoftGrid server(s) stop the SoftGrid service.

4.  Regedit
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Softricity\SoftGrid Server\CurrentVersion
Change the string value for ‘SOFTRICITY_SOFTGRID_CONTENT_DIR’

5.  Start the service

 That’s it!!



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