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SoftGrid: Branch Office Configuration

As Microsoft® SoftGrid Application Virtualization is used to deliver applications directly to PCs with the SoftGrid for Desktop Client, it quickly becomes apparent that streaming multiple concurrent applications across a wide-area network results in less than optimal initial launch times for larger numbers of user. It also becomes clear that an entire remote office cannot wholly depend upon a WAN connection to be able to perform its functions.  With this in mind, the need for a Microsoft SoftGrid Application Virtualization model that allows users to stream applications directly on the LAN, yet still allow centralized management across the WAN is necessary. This document will describe the current design and operation of a system to accomplish these goals, known as the Microsoft Systems Center Virtual Application Branch Server (SCVABS).

This document is designed to give the basic orientation of the components and considerations necessary in creating virtual application branch server architecture. It does not consider all possible scenarios, but should be a good primer for creating your own designs based on environmental requirements.




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