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SoftGrid: A Wiki Resource Is Born

Here’s a brand new Wiki site for SoftGrid.  I got this out of the softgridguru.com site.  Looks good to me.


 From SoftGridGuru.com /  Kalle

Hello all,Let me start by saying that for the recent months, there has been quite a good development on various resources on SoftGrid on the Internet; the new TechCenter from Microsoft (and there’s still upcoming additions to that one), various blogs by both the Microsoft employees and external people, new database of recipes by Tim and so forth. And of course this forum which has served all of us as probably THE place to go and look for information.

There has also been on and off discussions of where to post recipes (well, that’s sort of covered by now) but also I think many of us have wanted to have more than that, to have FAQs and other resources related to SoftGrid in one easy and centralized place. And what’s important, that information be community-driven and not exclusively vendor-driven because we all know that truth tends to be subjective matter if vendor has the control.

So, in the interest of all of us, I have taken the initiative and created a centralized knowledge-repository of all things SoftGrid. This new site goes under name “Gridversum” and is to be founded form the following location:

http://www.gridversum.com/This new site is fully in wiki-format, which means that anyone can, and I hope will, edit and modify it as long as they create an account for themselves. This means that it’s easy and convenient to add information as no-one needs to hold responsibility for maintaining the content all alone. It’s still a bit work-on-process but there shouldn’t be any major changes to the layout or colors anymore.

The site itself is divided into following main sections:

* Application recipes
* Tips and tricks
* Listing of 3rd party tools
* Links to other resources on web

I think that sections are pretty self-explanatory and when you go and browse the sections you can get the feel of how and where things goes if you want to add or modify something. All I ask is that you try to follow my example and framework I have worked into site, for consistency sake.

I have already created some content to the site, but hopefully we can together create quite a bit more than what’s now on site. Especially on FAQ section some of the things from recent discussions here probably should be copied over there.

I sincerely hope that this new site can become community’s own central place for all information on SoftGrid as these forum-based mediums tend to be quite complicated for keeping information organized (let alone keeping it long). Also my hope is that with things like FAQ some of the more frequent questions [to here] about SoftGrid can be redirected to that site and keep this place as more higher-level discussion medium, as there has been significant increase to volume in the past year.

As a last thing, I would want inquiry from users here about interest of becoming co-admins on Gridversum -site as I don’t anticipate having enough time to do it all by myself? I think couple of additional admins/moderators can do as a start.

Thank you and I hope you find my new site useful!




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