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WARNING – DST Patching problems and SMS ITMU

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WARNING – DST Patching problems

When Microsoft released the August 2007 cumulative update for DST patches, KB933360 it superceeded previous DST patches.
The scan engine was not originally updated to detect this new DST patch.  Thus, if a user on his own applied KB933360, and you had KB931836 approved in ITMU, then your clients would detect KB931836 as missing (because KB933360 had overridden it). This problem was reproted to Microsoft and they fixed the probelm.

Unfortunatly, Microsoft fixed this in a half-ass way.  They just removed detection for KB931836 completely from the scan tools.   This means that if you had approved KB931836, but did not approve KB933360 (yet) then new machines will not get ANY dst patch applied.  The scan tool has been modified so that it no longer detects KB931836 even though you have approved it.

If you want your ITMU patching system to continue to provide coverage to new machines for the DST issue, you must make sure you have approved KB933360 in ITMU.  If you approved the older patch KB931836 back in February, it is no longer being applied by ITMU.  This came at an unfortunate time.  The scan tool was not changed until after the August patch cycle, and was not listed in the September patches list either.  It may have been easy for you to pass over this additional required patch, since basically September was an “off” month for patches (for XP anyway)




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