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Get a free PowerShell book

This is a good PDF for those of you who want to start learning this new scripting language called PowerShell  https://blogs.technet.com/chitpro-de/archive/2007/05/10/english-version-of-windows-powershell-course-book-available-for-download.aspx

Latest GUI ImageX tool

This is to cool!  For those of you who deal with WIM images and running imagex.exe from a command line.  Check this out.  http://blogs.technet.com/richardsmith/archive/2007/11/20/gimagex-imagex-gui-updated-version-now-available.aspx

Mount WIM Images in Explorer

Very cool little tool. http://www.windows-now.com/blogs/robert/archive/2007/11/04/mounting-wim-images-from-windows-explorer.aspx