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Sysprep Freezes on latest Q35 Intel Chipset

I recently ran into an issue with the latest Intel Chipset, Q35, during the Sysprep mini setup when the video was installing.  I created a Sysprep’d image and included all my drivers in the OEMPnPpath thingy.  When the machine unwrapped it would ALWAYS freeze.  This was for both Dell models and Lenovo models running the Q35 chipset.  After a little surfing I found two Microsoft hotfixes that fixes this issue.  Once these were added to the base image Sysprep worked perfectly.

 Microsoft Hotfixes (You will have to request these two hotfixes as they are not available for download)

The Sysprep MiniSetup Wizard may stop responding when you run the wizard to install a Microsoft Windows XP with Service Pack 2 image

Windows XP Setup program may stop responding during video driver installation



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