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VMware releases PowerShell cmdlets for FREE

Great news from VMware. http://www.vmware.com/sdk/vitk_win/index.html

Yes, VMware ESX 3i is now Free


ESX 3i for Free

Rumor has it that on Monday July 28th, VMware will release ESX 3i for free.  This is a lightweight version of ESX without the RedHat components.  Very cool indeed, especially for home and for labs. http://www.virtualization.info/2008/07/vmware-to-release-esx-3i-for-free-next.html

Gmail Redesign

This is cool.  If you install this Firefox plugin your Gmail interface will change.  Try it out, it looks very good.  I got mine up and running today. http://www.globexdesigns.com/gmail/

Adobe Reader not free in a corporate environment

I just read this on Rod Trent’s blog this morning.  I’m sure this is going to impact a lot of people.  Anyone know the costs yet, maybe it’s free, but just needs a license?  Thought I would try to spread the word a bit. You did know didn’t you? Adobe Reader is not free to … Continue reading