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Print from any device

Google cloud printing. http://goo.gl/2kKz8

Exchange 2010: How to see how many OWA users are connected

A simple way is to use Performance Monitor. Hook to MSExchange OWA and the add current user. It doesn’t tell you who, but it will at least give you a count. In my example I have the Exchange tools loaded on my desktop so within Performance Monitor on that remote machine I was able to … Continue reading

Failed Exchange 2010 Jetress within ESXi vSphere 4.1

A grueling couple of days of running the MS Exchange 2010 Jetstress tool and watching it fail for the read latency tests. This was for 4 mailbox servers and 12 databases with one passive copy in the DAG. The active copy disk lives on an EMC CX4 SAN and the passive lives on an EMC … Continue reading