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Latest SoftGrid 4.1 SP1 cleans out Load Balancer Event Logs

This latest version of SoftGrid 4.1 will fix that annoying issue when you have two servers behind a Load Balancing device.  I tried this today and sure enough the Event Logs look much better.  http://support.microsoft.com/kb/938497 Errors in Event Viewer (From Microsoft) The log level of the “Error reading from socket” message is now Debug. Therefore, … Continue reading

How To Sequence: Blogcasts


SoftGrid: A Wiki Resource Is Born

Here’s a brand new Wiki site for SoftGrid.  I got this out of the softgridguru.com site.  Looks good to me. http://www.gridversum.com  From SoftGridGuru.com /  Kalle Hello all,Let me start by saying that for the recent months, there has been quite a good development on various resources on SoftGrid on the Internet; the new TechCenter from … Continue reading

SoftGrid: Windows Installer Application Virtualization Extension (WIAVE)

Ever since their acquisition of Softricity, Microsoft has had high plans for Softgrid. Another key component of the Microsoft strategy in our marketspace is System Center. In Q4 of this year Microsoft is planning to release a “product” that embodies the integration of these to key technologies: Windows Installer Application Virtualization Extension (WIAVE). WIAVE is … Continue reading

Learning SoftGrid, 6 Blogcasts

Here are 6 blogcasts posted on “The Blogcast Repository” by Brian Tucker.  Good stuff.  Also you can setup your RSS reader to this blogcast location for future updates.   Enjoy!!  http://www.blogcastrepository.com/blogcasts/folders/softgrid/default.aspx

SoftGrid: Branch Office Configuration

As Microsoft® SoftGrid Application Virtualization is used to deliver applications directly to PCs with the SoftGrid for Desktop Client, it quickly becomes apparent that streaming multiple concurrent applications across a wide-area network results in less than optimal initial launch times for larger numbers of user. It also becomes clear that an entire remote office cannot … Continue reading

SoftGrid: How to move the application content

Recently I had to move my SoftGrid data from the local physical test box to a production SAN environment.  It’s better that way.  Also using a DFS path rather than a hard coded path.  Doing this was actually a lot easier than I thought.  Here’s all I had to do.  1.  Get SAN storage of … Continue reading

Windows 2003 SP2 and SoftGrid

A couple hours went by and could not figure out why I could not install the SoftGrid Management Console on a Windows 2003 Server SP2 machine.  Everything else would install just not the SoftGrid Management Console.  It wouldn’t even show up in the custom install features screen.  I did some researching online and found out that the … Continue reading

Do You Really Want To Upgrade To MS SoftGrid SP1?

After reviewing some of the release notes it looks like there are all sorts of issues with SP1.  The only good thing it does is support public assemblies which is what Microsoft Office 2007 uses.  This functionality is in the SP1 for the sequencer. 

SoftGrid Sequencer attribute tagging editor

Summary: SeqTypes is a utility for modifying the information SoftGrid Sequencer uses by default to “tag” files with file-type attributes inside packages.Sequencer will read list of file-extensions and directories on startup and will utilize this information during SoftGrid packaging to assign SoftGrid -specific file-type attribute to each file. Files can be categorized to be either … Continue reading

SoftGrid OSD Editing Tool

No more editing SoftGrid OSD files in notepad anymore.  This new GUI tool will do all the hard work for you.

SoftGrid Resource

This is a good site (blog) created by the SoftGrid team.

SoftGrid: How Do I Sequence Applications?

So, after you have a SoftGrid environment setup and want to start virtualizing and streaming applications.  How do you do that?  Well it’s actually pretty easy.  Read these step-by-step instructions on how to do that.  Thanks to Anthony on his blog for putting this together.