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Yup, jumped on the twitter thing.  Good way to post and get information.  Stop by and follow.

Virtual PC Snapshots…..ugh

I’m going to have to start using VMWare Workstation for the snapshot features.  MS Virtual PC doesn’t have an easy way to do snapshots as VMWare does.  I know…it’s free and VMWare Workstation is 189.00 bucks.  Maybe one day VMWare will make Workstation free.  Let’s hope so.

SoftGrid: A Wiki Resource Is Born

Here’s a brand new Wiki site for SoftGrid.  I got this out of the softgridguru.com site.  Looks good to me. http://www.gridversum.com  From SoftGridGuru.com /  Kalle Hello all,Let me start by saying that for the recent months, there has been quite a good development on various resources on SoftGrid on the Internet; the new TechCenter from … Continue reading

Virtualize Your Software For Free

Did you know you can use Altiris SVS for free at home.  This is cool if you have kids that want to install every game under the sun on your PC.  It’s also good because you can virtualize all your software and if you have to do a restore of your OS you can quickly … Continue reading